Why we no longer accept PayPal

We no longer accept paypal because they repeatedly messed us about freezing our account requesting pointless information they already have and offering zero support. 

We did used to accept paypal but have now changed our company policy due to several reasons. Firstly we have a facility to accept credit and debit cards via our merchant facility provided Stripe that give our customers the most secured payment experience possible.

We also have a selection of alternatives to suit most people. PayPal is a very expensive method of accepting payment and also in our experiance totally unreliable.

PayPal has no regard for its business customers and no respect or support is available. When operating a business, you expect a payment solution to be 100% reliable and free from interuption at all times. A solution that you can rely on when there is a problem and has friendly support staff that you can talk to etc. 

PayPal have a habbit of freezing the accounts of Honest people at anytime for any reason without notice. This is also in their terms of service, THEY CAN LIMIT YOUR ACCOUNT AT ANYTIME WITHOUT NOTICE AND FOR ANY REASON. This is not suitable for any serious online business and can cause disruption, Distrust and other issues between a company and their customers.

Many of you reading this will have used paypal for years and not had a problem but there will be an equal number of people reading this who only use paypal because they have to, you have had accounts frozen for no reason and found paypals customer support to be no better than useless. Their so called customer support representatives unable or not willing to see it from your point of view even when it is blatently ovious.. 

Paypal has made millions of people very angry and sits there with the attitude that if those people do not like it, they just better learn to put up with it. PayPal make so much money and have so many members, they do not care about upsetting their customers because they have so many others and think that theose they do upset have no choice but to continue using their service.

Conclusion : You can still order your products using debit or credit cards like on any website. We just want you to have a wonderful experience and we are happy to help if you have any question. 😊